Tired to be tired ?

Drowsiness, fatigue, high blood pressure, memory loss, heart problems, weight gain, loss of libido?
Thanks to Brizzy, Jude got her life back.

Chapter 1

My life passes me by

My name is Jude, 37 years old. I am a mother of two children. I go through hell every night: my partner gestures and snores. Sometimes I feel like he’s suffocating. During the day, he feels tired, forgets everything and his mood is detestable. And as for his libido, I just don’t want to talk about it!

My GP told me about Brizzy

Chapter 2

First steps

At last, I decided to talk to my general practitioner about this problem. According to him, my partner’s symptoms may be related to poor sleep quality. Bad nights can lead to much more serious consequences such as heart problems, high blood pressure or a car accident… Not to mention the bad mood that deteriorates daily life!

Chapter 3


My partner refuses to spend a night in the hospital for a sleep test. But thanks to our general practitioner, I found an alternative solution: Brizzy, a simple and easy way to perform sleep test at home.

The Brizzy actually measures different things: the quality of sleep, whether breathing is regular or not, whether you often wake up without realizing it, as well as possible apneas.

Brizzy linked to its jawac sensor
Man placing the jawac captor with a tegaderm on his face

Chapter 4


Eventually, my partner went to our general practitioner and agreed to do the test to confirm the symptoms. He came home with a Brizzy and placed himself a sensor on his forehead and a second one on his chin. The device started automatically, it was very easy.

After only one night of sleep, my partner gave the Brizzy back to our general practionner.

Chapter 5


A few days later, our general practitioner called us and we went together. I figured it out: he does a lot of apnea. On average, 44 times an hour ! This is huge! Fortunately, there are therapeutic solutions to suppress apnea. My partner’s got an appointment more easily at the sleep centre, thanks to my general practitioner and the Brizzy.

Man writing down his appointment at the sleep clinic
An happy family reunited in the parents bed with their two children

Chapter 6

Another life

The sleep center confirmed the diagnosis and a suited treatment was found. I regain the pleasure to sleep with my partner and our relationship has considerably improved.

My children will take the test too. Their growth and happiness depend on the quality of their sleep.

Get rid of any doubt

Did you recognize yourself through Jude’s story ?

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Sleep-test with Brizzy

Snoring, fatigue, apnea, concentration problems… Brizzy is a CE medical device (class 2a), clinically validated by more than 25 studies !



I did not want to go to the sleep center and spend a night in the hospital. My wife convinced me to perform a Brizzy test with our doctor.

Nicolas58 years old

My 3 year old is snoring, my dentist offered me a Brizzy that turned out to be positive.

Jude, mother of Coraline3 years old

I felt tired for many years. My general practitioner offered me a screening. I was doing a lot of apneas. I was a priority to spend a night in the hospital. Since I have been equipped with a CPAP, a new life started.

Michel53 years old

Thank you for giving me my life back!

Samuel65 years old

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