Somnolter, Home Sleep Recorder

Comfortable and simple


SOMNOLTER is a Home Sleep Recorder intended for the diagnosis of Sleep Apnea Syndrome (SAS). It can also be used to assess the effectiveness of the administered treatment (by continuous positive airway pressure or mandibular advancement device).

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What makes it unique ?

For diagnosis
  • Accurate evaluation of sleep time
  • Validated measurement of respiratory effort
  • Estimation of sleep fragmentation
  • Detection of mouth breathing in childhood
For titration
  • Mouth opening during MAD and CPAP titration and control
  • Residual apnea and respiratory effort index
For sealing the leak
  • Global and non intentional Leak
  • Air leaks associated with mouth opening, high CPAP level and non-supine position

Automatic discrimination between wake and sleep, detection of arousals, and measurement of the mouth opening are indisputable assets provided by the technology.

Convinced by Somnolter ?

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